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Anna Laura Hill and B.W. Tice, both agents for the Children’s Aid Society, take children to their new homes. Source: Children’s Aid Society

This month the Reading into History Book Club will be reading Andrea Warren’s We Rode the Orphan Trains. This book tells the true stories of eight men and women of the 200,000 homeless, abandoned, or orphaned city kids who, between 1854 and 1929, were put on trains by the Children’s Aid Society and sent to new homes in the rural Midwest. Be prepared to learn some happy real-life tales and some sad ones.

We Rode the Orphan Trains has won many awards and is a “Recommended Book” by the PBS Teacher Source and Parent’s Choice Foundation. As the School Library Journal writes, “These remarkable stories have enormous human-interest appeal and will provoke serious discussion about just how much life has really changed for children from the last century until today.”

Our discussion will be on September 30th, our next Reading into History Book Wrap event. During the school year our Book Wraps will be on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 to 5 pm. Don’t forget to e-mail for a free family pass. We want you to join the Reading into History community!


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