Reading into History: Book Wrap Recap and Picture The Dead

Hello Families!  We had a wonderful Book Wrap on December 2nd with special guest author Donna Jo Napoli. This book dealt with such tough issues- loss, poverty, immigration, the struggle to fit in- that families were debating ideas right out of the gate. Bravery was a particularly interesting topic of discussion. Is a person brave for simply facing up to the harsh circumstances of his or her life? What if that person does not have a choice? One topic we did not have time to discuss is how people who immigrate here “become” American. What makes anyone an American? Do you have to feel like an American to be one? We’d love to know what you think, even if you did not read the book!

Now we head into our next read, Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin and Lisa Brown. Julie Just of the New York Times has this to say about the book: “Brown’s striking portraits, drawings displayed throughout as though in a photo album, animate this artful Civil War-era novel…The story is engrossing and the period details an added pleasure.” This book is not set in New York, but it relates perfectly to the New-York Historical Society’s amazing collection of Civil War art and artifacts. Readers, you have a long time to sink your teeth into this one. Our next Wrap is January 27th, from 3-5 pm. We had added an extra half hour to our Wraps because there is just so much to accomplish! We wanted to make more time for our authors, our artifacts and our discussions. On January 27th, we will be joined by author Adele Griffin, so get excited.

Wondering how you will survive without visiting the New-York Historical Society for a whole month and a half? Don’t fret! We will have really exciting programs over school vacation week related to our WWII & NYC exhibit and to our Holiday Express: Toys and Trains From The Jerni Collection. You do not want to miss this museum during the holiday season.

Stay tuned for more updates about future programs for MLK Day, Ben Franklin’s Birthday, and more. And of course, check in soon for more Picture the Dead posts.


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