100-Year-Old Toasters and REAL Cinnamon: At the Kids’ Table Returns This Saturday!

The DiMenna Children’s History Museum is hosting its second-ever family cooking class this Saturday at 2pm—and of course we are cooking the old fashioned way. I mean churn your own butter, make your own bread, grind your own spices, snip your own sugar old fashioned! Our theme is “How the Kitchen has Changed,”  and we’ll be comparing cooking techniques from 150 years ago to those we use now.

First, we’ll play a game in the Luce Center hunting for antique kitchen equipment. Then we’ll head downstairs to prepare some 1850s…cinnamon toast! What’s that you’re saying? Anyone can make toast? Uh, not like this they can’t! You’ll be guided by food historian and historic cooking expert Sarah Lohman. You’ll get to leave the class with bread dough to bake at home, bigger arm muscles, and a stomach full of melted, freshly churned, delicious, buttery goodness. You’ll also get to taste real cinnamon  Pardon? You didn’t know there was a “real” cinnamon? Well, you’ll grind it yourself on Saturday!  To RSVP, or get more information, email familyprograms@nyhistory.org or call Rachel Walman at (646) 293-9922. There is a $10 materials fee; all participants must be at least 8 years old.

Hopefully, You are picking up your phone right now. If you need more convincing, check out these photos from our last At the Kids Table in December when we made doughnuts and cookies from 1600s recipes. See you all on Saturday!


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