Blast From the Past: Quaker Parrot of Brooklyn


Wild Brooklyn Parrots Joking Around,

There haven’t always been Quaker Parrots in Brooklyn but people began seeing them flying wild there beginning in the 1960s. The most accepted theory is that there were some mass escapes at JFK Airport. In South America, from where this species is originally, the Quaker Parrot became a nuisance. One of the ways to control the numbers was to ship them north as “pets.” There were reports of several escapes at airport quarantine stations, including JFK.The Quaker Parrot, in addition to its beautiful coloring, is a master architect. It is known for building nests absolutely anywhere! (Just ask Con Edison.)


But why are we talking about Quaker Parrots at the New-York Historical Society?

As part of March School Vacation Week and in celebration of the opening of Audubon’s Aviary, the Quaker Parrot has taken to flying in the halls of the DiMenna Children’s History Museum. Along with the Savannah Sparrow and the Northern Cardinal, the Quaker Parrot of Brooklyn is one of the three paper bird airplanes kids are folding and flying. Don’t miss it!


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