Special Event: Sketching in the Gallery


We had a busy week during school vacation here at the New-York Historical Society. One of the activities was so popular we just HAD to share!

Twice each day we had educator-led sketching sessions in Audubon’s Aviary, the exhibition running through May 19. After a little introduction to the life and art of John Audubon, families chose one of the birds to sketch.

They were given basic instructions:
1. Look at the basic shape, environment and position of the bird
2. Start drawing the biggest shapes first and then add smaller shapes
3. Add the details like the feathers, texture on the branches, etc.

Here are some of our proud artists and some of their work! And…just because we don’t have organized sessions doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own pencil and drawing pad into the gallery. Send your work to familyprograms@nyhistory.org and we can post it!



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