Special Review: New-York Historical Society

Contributed by 9-year-old Joshua Licht

(Editor’s note: Joshua’s essay has been transcribed as accurately as possible. His actual essay is reprinted at the end.)

Looking for a fun Museum to go to? Then the New York Historical Society is the place to go to! It has frindly staff, a fun layout and they love kids. Plus you get the ginzu knives!

New York Historical Society is the place to go to because occasionally there are fun events. For example, they celebrate important people birthday’s like Benjamin Franklyn’s.

The staff there is super nice. For example any of the security guards will surely give directions to add on the nicest people work on the kid’s floor.

The New York Historical Society is the place to go NOT the Naturale History Museum. The lines are to long this shows that either A: get there 3 hours early or B: wait 3 hours because the lines are super long and move super slow. Then once you get in it’s open only a little longer.

The New York Historical Society is the place to go to because they have a terrific layout. On the lower level the walls are very colorful.

There is also a baseball game where you hit the digital ball your opponent throws in the children’s library.

You’ll notice the back book shelf is slanted and if you look behind it you’ll see New Amsterdam’s harbor set up. To add on there are light green drawers that you can open. Be warned: some are super heavy.

On the first floor there are fun touch screens that let me know more about sertin artifacts. In the floor there are artifacts they found in the floor and one holographic one.

There is a fire truck door from 911. Also there is a theater wich you can see New York Story wich goes back 400 years. I can’t tell much about the 2nd floor because it’s always changing but I can say there is a beautiful Gallery. The third floor is closed to the public.

The 4th floor is my persinl favorite because there are 40,000 artifacts from 400 years. There are: swords and guns, metal and Tiffany lamps, a giant bust of Aberham Lincon and even a bed Gerge Washington slept in!

The New York Historical Society is the place to go to you have to agree do not say otherwise the New York Historical society is the place to go to. I’ll see you there.


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