Author Interview: Adam Osterweil

Cooper coverThis Sunday, author Adam Osterweil will join our Reading into History Family Book Club to discuss his novel Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector. There is so much to sink our teeth into in this book, from its layered characters to the tough American Revolution history that it sheds light on. We asked Osterweil our usual questions below. Take a look at his thoughtful answers, and come to the Museum on Sunday to join the conversation!

DiMenna Children’s History Museum: What were you like between the ages of 9 and 12?

Adam Osterweil: At that age I was always daydreaming and lost in my own thoughts.  I liked to write and draw, as well as think of ongoing stories in my mind.  I enjoyed collecting things and frequently went to garage sales, much like Cooper in the story.

DCHM: What is your favorite time period in American history?  Why?

AO: I like reading about the colonial time period because life back then was so dramatically different than it is today.  When I was little my family took me to many historic sites, such as Colonial Williamsburg, various Revolutionary battlefields, and other historic towns.  Those memories have stuck with me, and that is one reason why I chose to write about it.

DCHM: What is your favorite place in New York City?  Why?

AO: I like Times Square and Central Park–I live in a small, quiet town, so that transition to the bustling streets of NYC is always dramatic and memorable.  I also admire the history and design of Central Park and have always wondered what sort of archaeological history lies under the ground there.

DCHM: What made you want to write Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector?

AO: I wrote the book because I wanted to convey my love of metal detecting and buried history to young readers, as well as explore the details of this specific battle that seems to be absent from most history textbooks.

DCHM: What three words best describe Cooper and the Enchanted Metal Detector?

AO: That’s a tough questions–if I was picking keywords, I would choose buried treasure, daydreams, and history.

Adam Osterweil
Adam Osterweil

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