Little New-Yorkers Explore Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans

Our recent adventures in our Little New-Yorkers program has seen us experimenting with the format quite a bit. We’ve continued our foray into the galleries and have now got into a regular routine, exploring as much as possible.

Feedback from parents suggested that they particularly wanted to explore our new temporary exhibitions. This was a fantastic idea, allowing for our Little New-Yorkers to be introduced to the history of the city through themes set out in the exhibitions. We’ve also been experimenting with themed months. This has allowed our regular visitors to interact with the program on a deeper level while not alienating our newcomers.

In July, we’re bringing these two ideas together and delivering a Madeline-themed month in celebration of our new exhibition Madeline in New York: The Art of Ludwig Bemelmans, which opens on Friday July 4th. With so many wonderful books in this series, we couldn’t possibly chose just one and so decided to take the whole month to fully explore the character.

So who is Madeline? These rhyming books will introduce us to little a girl who goes to a Catholic boarding school in Paris. With each adventure we will find out more about this brave little girl, her many traits and all her friends.

Families will have ample opportunities to fully immerse themselves into Madeline’s world. The exhibition will be full of family-friendly activities including a reading space within the gallery to sit and browse through the iconic books.

For deeper exploration of the exhibition a wonderful family audio guide will be on offer, narrated by Broadway actor Terrence Mann. The audio guide will take children through the exhibits encouraging close observation and aiding in the discovery of other characters such as Madeline’s friend Pepito and Noodle the dog.

And the programs do not stop there. Families will be able to sample European-style dining complete with teas and crumpets with our Madeline Tea Parties.  These events are available on Wednesday afternoons during July, August and September.

In our Little New-Yorkers program each week we will read a different Madeline book and create a Madeline-inspired craft project. There will be an element of surprise in the program, only revealing our craft projects after we’ve finished reading the book. Our participants love trying to guess what they’ll be from the clues in the stories.

While I really don’t want to give away the surprise, I have included a few sneaky pictures for you to enjoy. Can you figure out what we’ll be making?

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