Step By Step: Make Your Own Madeline Hat!

Here at Little New-Yorkers, July marks Madeline month. So far we’ve been introduced to the wonderful fearsome character and her nemesis Pepito. We have many exciting craft projects based on the illustrations in the book to create, including the wonderful iconic yellow hat complete with black ribbon. Last week we read Madeline and the Bad Hat, and took our inspiration from the books’ title to create a hat craft project. It was really important that children be able to wear the hat, quite tricky when dealing with paper! However with a little cunning we came up with this template that can be adapted to create any number of hat accessories for the future.

You will need:

  • 2 Sheets yellow construction paper 12”x18”
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Black ribbon
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil

What you'll need



Here’s how to make the hat:

1. Take one sheet of construction paper and cut into long strips. Do this along the longest side of the paper.
2. Take the second sheet and fold it in half lengthways.
3.  Use a pencil to draw the template below along the folded edge.
Image 3
4. You should have one semi-circle along the bottom and two curves along the edges. It should look like the picture above.

Image 5
5. Cut this out so that you end up with an arch shape.

Image 6
6. Then along the inner circle cut slits into the paper.

Image 7
7. Open it up, and gently fold back the slits. This will be the brim of your hat.

Image 8
8. Meanwhile take two strips of cardstock and measure it on your child’s head to create a band. A loser fit is better. Staple it into place.

Image 9
9. Place the band over the hole in the in the brim of the hat. All of the slits should sit nicely within your band.

Image 10
10. Without forcing the shape of the band, fold back the strips and staple them into place. The trick is to keep the circular shape.

Image 11
11. Take the ribbon and tie onto the hat with the bow falling at the back.

Image 12
12. For extra shape cut a strip on either side of your hat.

Image 13
13. Apply a bit of glue to the edge.

Image 14
14. Pull the paper over and place onto the glue. This will cause the hat to tilt up slightly creating more of a bowler hat look.



Example 2

Example 1


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