Blast From the Past: Everyone Needs a Good Assistant
March 8, 2013

    John James Audubon left a legacy for all of us. He studied and painted hundreds of birds with amazing realistic detail – 435 of them are published in Birds of America (1827-1838) His paintings—and his writings about the bird species — help us understand a lot about bird behavior and their environments. Charles…

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Blast From the Past: Sleight-of-Hand
March 4, 2013

     You may have walked by someone doing this trick on the streets of New York: he has a little table set up with three upside-down cups and he gets people to wager money on whether or not they can guess under which cup the ball was placed. Don’t fall for it! This person…

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Butter was a Food Group!? How People Ate During WWII
March 1, 2013

  Here is a challenge for all of you home chefs. How many of you can recite this motto truthfully: “I worked for freedom today. I served at least one food from each of the basic seven food groups. I prepared the food I served with care. I wasted no food today.” Whoa, you might…

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February Reading into History: Author Interviews and Download the book for free!
February 19, 2013

Readers, we have some real treats for you in this post. As you may know, our February Reading into History book is Breaking Ground, Breaking Silence: The Story of New York’s African Burial Ground. On February 24th, from 3 – 5 pm, we will host our Wrap for this book with co-author and conservator Gary McGowan. This book…

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Enter for Chance to Win American Heritage Chocolate® AND Free Tickets to the President’s Day Event – The History of Chocolate!
February 13, 2013

To celebrate one of our founding fathers’ favorite foods, The Historic Division of Mars and the New York Historical Society present a family friendly event on Presidents’ Day, February 18, all about the history of chocolate. The American Heritage Chocolate® line of products is a nod to an original 18th century recipe – the type of…

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Blast from the Past: Letters of Appreciation
February 11, 2013

  I was taught very early the importance of writing a thank you letter. I must admit that in this age of instant communication I don’t always do so by mail…but I still value this art and try to adhere to it. A simple thank you letter really shows how much you value, not the…

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Blast From the Past: Year of the Snake
February 8, 2013

  This weekend marks the beginning of the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar. There will be feasts, parades, fireworks and gifts of red envelopes passed out to celebrants during this important Chinese holiday. Great significance is placed on the symbolism of the snake. Chinese lore tells us that a snake in the…

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History at Home: Urban Animals
February 4, 2013

  Recently at Little New-Yorkers, we read a book called Urban Animals by Isabel Hill. “Urban animals,” you may think. Like rats on subway tracks? Squirrels in Central Park? Polar bears at the Bronx Zoo? None of the above. The book is about animals on buildings, of course! Urban Animals features photographs of buildings in…

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Family Benefit Party: Passport Through American History
February 1, 2013

  On a sunny winter day last weekend hundreds of families traveled with their “Passports Through American History,” stopping at 1699, 1776, 1845, 1899 and 1942. At each stop along their travels, kids participated in historic games, art-making, and hands-on activities, earning special stamps in their passports. Other highlights included a photo booth using images…

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