Photography by Alexander Gardner (1821-1882), New-York Historical Society.
Part IV: The History Behind the Pinkertonian Mystery
July 7, 2015

There are only two more performances left of The Pinkertonian Mystery at the New-York Historical Society! Families with kids eight and older have loved playing detective for an afternoon, helping the Pinkerton Detective Agency solve a dramatic mystery in this interactive theater experience. Buy tickets here for July 12 or July 26. Allan Pinkerton was…

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Civil War Medicine: Pills, Ointments and Bitters for Soldiers
June 14, 2013

  This Father’s Day, June 16th, eminent historian Harold Holzer will be here to answer families’ burning Civil War questions. Following his talk, families are invited to play a choose-your-own-adventure style game where they get to walk in the shoes of a Civil War soldier. Are you sitting there wishing you could really be a…

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