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Playing and Learning in the DiMenna Children’s History Museum: Cast Your Vote!

Gaining the right to rock the vote hasn’t been easy, historically speaking! And if you’re under 18, you still can’t vote in the United States (along with most other countries around the world). While some people and organizations favor lowering that age restriction or eliminating it completely, chances are you still have a few years […]


Playing and Learning in the DiMenna Children’s History Museum: Newsies!

Over the past year, I’ve watched families play our digital games and interactives in the DiMenna Children’s History Museum (DCHM). At the DCHM, we believe that people can learn about history by both playing and creating games. Part of my responsibility as a Floor Manager is making sure everyone has a fun and educational experience. […]


Special Event: Create Digital Games With Camp History!

Can people learn from playing games? The education world has been debating this question for a long time At the DiMenna Children’s History Museum, we think the answer is yes. We also think that people can learn even more by creating games. If you think it takes a lot of brain power to figure out game characters […]



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