Reading into History: Interview with The Detective’s Assistant Author Kate Hannigan
December 16, 2015

You probably know that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865. You may not know that a previous assassination attempt was made on him during his 13-day train journey from Springfield, IL, to his inauguration in Washington, D.C., in 1861. Even more remarkable, it was a female detective who saved Lincoln’s life! That detective,…

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Meet the “To Kill A Mockingbird” Teach-in Panelists
September 16, 2015

If you are a middle or high school student, chances are you had to read To Kill A Mockingbird this summer. If you are a parent, chances are that you also read this book around the same age as your children are now. This 1960 novel has been a literary touchstone for the past 55…

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Reading into History: Author Matt Phelan Discusses Bluffton
August 26, 2015

Summer may be drawing to a close, but the Reading into History family book club is about to start up again! We’re meeting this Sunday at 2 pm to discuss Matt Phelan’s graphic novel Bluffton about a boy who spends a few magical summers with a young Buster Keaton. Many people know Buster Keaton as…

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Reading into Mockingbird: Eugenics, the Ewells, and Tom Robinson
July 21, 2015

“Reading into Mockingbird” is a series of posts about the historical themes in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the Reading into History Teen Summer’s 2015 read. Through these posts, we will provide historical background to enhance your reading of the book and your participation in our Goodreads discussions and teach-in event at the…

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Remembering Lincoln’s Death 150 Years Later
April 10, 2015

By Rachel Walman Tuesday, April 14, 2015, marks the 150th anniversary of the fatal shooting of President Abraham Lincoln, who died at 7:22 am the next morning. If you’re looking to pay your respects to “Father Abraham,” come to the New-York Historical Society this Saturday, April 11. Gilder Lehrman will be offering a rare look…

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